To our very special customers old & new…

It is with mixed emotions that I write to advise you that Ian & I will be retiring on 1st September, 2024.  We absolutely love what we are doing, but we have decided that as I reach 60 in September, we want to be able to do more things while we can and despite being only open now 3 days a week, there is a huge amount that goes on in those other days, in order to maintain the tea room.  Emails, website maintenance, re-stocking, making potted beef, homemade scones, homemade soups to name but a few of the jobs we do behind the scenes and all the admin associated with a small businesses, so to be honest there really isn’t that much time left in a week.

We haven’t advertised the business, so someone may be interested in taking the business on, or there may be a new business who would like the space, we are open to discussions.

In the meantime, though if you have a gift voucher, as advised at the time of ordering, please book is as soon as possible.  If you would like to come before we close, I would recommend booking in sooner rather than later as all dates through to 1st September have been published on our news page.  We think we will continue to operate our boat for one more season after this for fish & chip, cheese & wine or a cream tea (scones & tea only), but 1st September will be the last afternoon tea here at Davenports Tea Room.  Well its best to leave at the top and while we are both in good health.

Gosh…I’ve said it now.  I will miss you all.  Come and see us while you can.

Love from Belinda & Ian xx

P.S. Look out for my book that I aim to finish after we retire “Running a Small Business it’s a Piece of Cake!” and I may see you at one of my talks.