Belinda Davenport, is our resident Afternoon Tea Expert who you can meet in a variety of different ways…..

Join us for afternoon tea and Belinda will tailor your drinks selection based on what flavours you would like to compliment your afternoon tea, however if you would like to know more about tea, you can join us for a Tea Tasters Afternoon Tea, which gives you a greater variety of teas, with the selection tailor made for your party and Belinda will explain different teas, brewing techniques and a short history.   If you want to learn more about the history & social etiquette of afternoon tea, you can book the Ultimate Afternoon Tea Experience.  This is your opportunity to learn about the history of afternoon tea and understand about different teas, brewing techniques, but more emphasis on the history & social etiquette of tea through informal easy discussion tailor-made to what your party is interested in.  Enter into the fascinating world of teas, which many don’t even know it exists….as tea is certainly not just tea!

Belinda’s knowledge is based on over 17 years of running a quintessential English tea room, her published research is a chapter in the World Tourism Organisation’s sponsored book, the Hand Book of Tea Tourism, Routledge (2022), training with the UK Tea Academy.  Belinda is a qualified Tea Champion, which is just under a Tea Sommelier and she has completed with Jane Pettigrew, the Masters Level Afternoon Tea module (8hrs of study), however she was described by one of the Tea Guild’s judges as an Ambassador to Tea and she has focused on that since 2016, when they won the The Tea Guild’s Top Tea Place in the UK.

“My main interest is finding teas that suit individual’s palate, pairing them with the afternoon tea and brewing them according to personal taste.  I get great pleasure introducing teas to individuals, even those that don’t drink tea”.  So much so, she has featured in Country Living magazine (Coronation edition 2023), Cheshire Life feature (June 2023).  “In the past when customers have suggested that something is Traditional, I have extensively researched to find out if it is or how it has been altered over time, and also to enable me to deliver the Ultimate Afternoon Tea Experience, so much so, that Belinda can easily be considered a Food & Drink Historian, specialising in Afternoon Tea.

Belinda is available for press appearances and would be happy to be involved with TV programs having already featured on BBC Breakfast News, BBC One Show, BBC Put your Money Where Your Mouth is and C5 Digging Up Britain’s Past.

She is also available for a variety of focused talks, please contact her initially via email to discuss.

Belinda Davenport, is the UK representative on the European Speciality Tea Tourism forum and a member of the International Tea Tourism Working Group.
She holds a Masters Degree in Tourism Management (Bournemouth) & is a qualified & experienced travel & tourism lecturer.
Besides, her personal experience running the tea room, Belinda represented the UK, making scones for the Hankyu British Fair 2013 & 2014, hand-making 14,000 & 18,000 respectively.
Belinda will be presenting at the Stockholm Gastronomy Conference 2023


For all enquiries, email: [email protected]


If you are interested in opening a tea room or would like to improve your afternoon tea service contact our Afternoon Tea Specialist Belinda to discuss your needs.

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