Since opening the tea room in 2007, Belinda Davenport has always been passionate about Traditional English Afternoon Tea, loose leaf teas & the scone.

To develop an award winning tea room serving a variety of afternoon teas that people want to come back for and tell others about takes a lot of effort in research, talking to customers to create a destination for afternoon tea and that can be applied to any size of business.


Understanding the product and how its perceived by different types of customers UK based & International, the food science of Gastrophysics, food pairings & the complex flavourings of umami all of what makes food and tea taste great.


Qualified with the UK Tea Academy & experienced in delivering afternoon teas & serving tea, perfectly brewed uniquely for 1000’s of customers individual tastes & for the type of tea, over the last 15 years. Belinda was once described by one of the Tea Guild’s judges as a great Ambassador for tea.

With over 40 years experience in the tourism & hospitality industry, Belinda has used her skills to adapt a long established business to deal with competition from supermarkets & even from pandemic.  UK representative for the UK Speciality Tea Association’s Tea Tourism Forum and contributory author for the Routledge Handbook of Tea Tourism (awaiting publishing date).


Located in the middle of nowhere, with little marketing budget Davenports tea room has featured in local & National newspapers, UK & foreign magazines & on TV numerous times. After being invited to work at the prestigious Japanese Hankyu Department store’s famous British Fair making scones, Davenports were the first tea room to be asked back in 44 years! Hosting International students from Japan, France & the Netherlands means that Belinda has a good understanding of the International aspect of the Quintessential English Tea Room to the foreign visitor.

Having achieved a successful Defra Grant, not an easy task in itself, and to win the coveted Tea Guild’s Top Tea Room in the UK, means that Davenports has a proven track record in their knowledge of the Tea Room Business & especially Afternoon Tea as a quality experience.


Belinda is a qualified Tea Champion with the UK Tea Academy & has attended numerous short tea training courses in addition to her own personal experience in delivering afternoon teas & running the business. After developing the range of a different afternoon teas offered at Davenports Tea Room, including the unique Tea Tasters Afternoon Tea & with over 50 loose leaf teas, she has developed techniques to encourage people to try different loose leaf teas which are all brewed to customers liking. Belinda has a personal interest in the history of afternoon teas and for her sins has spent much time analysing scone recipes, including with some of the top chefs in the UK, all to ensure the best possible customer experience. A previous Northwest England Fine Food Judge, she holds a Masters Degree in Tourism Management & is an experienced lecturer in Travel & Tourism.  Since early 2021 the European Speciality Tea Association set up the European Tea Tourism Forum and Belinda is the UK representative and a contributory author to the Routledge The Handbook of Tea Tourism.  (Awaiting publishing date)

If you would like to learn more about what Belinda can offer, why not join her for a Tea Tasters Afternoon Tea in the first instance.  Check the website news page for availability.


If you are interested in opening a tea room or would like to improve your afternoon tea service contact our Afternoon Tea Specialist Belinda to discuss your needs.

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